You have essential oils – now what?

1) Use them! Every day. Try some lemon in your water. Use some peppermint if you hit a lull in the afternoon (just breathe deeply from the cap). Use On Guard every day on the bottom of your feet for immune support, etc. Try them, experiment, look things up and soak it all in (see #2)

Apply oils as needed as often as every 15-20 minutes.

Dilute one drop per Tablespoon of carrier oil (olive, coconut, sweet almond, etc) for babies under 1 year old. For older children 1-6 drops per TB depending on the oil being used, age and condition. For adults dilute for application to the face, neck, stomach or other sensitive skin areas.

2) Learn, learn and learn some more. Search Doterra.com for any oils and products to start the learning process. You want to learn more about what the different oils can do for you and how to use it for you, your family and friends.  Another great way is to watch lots of the video’s on doTERRA’s YouTube channel, make sure you are in our private team Facebook page (let me know when you are ready as you can always ask lots of questions and its all private in our group).

3) Share. It is fun to learn about essential oils alongside friends and family. Nothing is more exciting than sharing oil samples and then having that person call you totally overjoyed, shocked and amazed that they really worked! Invite them to a class with you or to meet with someone in your upline for a consultation. You can earn a lot of FREE product when you share doTERRA in your first 120 days- ask your enroller about doTERRA’s generous Share Program!

You can buy sample bottles and roll-on bottles at Aromatools.com or www.shareoils.com. I use the 1/4″ amber drams. Find a friend to order with and split shipping (*tip always call to ask for a lower shipping price!). I use the 1/4″ amber dram for samples and the amber or colored 10ml roll on bottles for easy application for my family.

There’s quite a learning curve for some of us but it is all worth it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your friends who got you in the business or as we call them your “Up Line”. They are here to help you and you trust them or you would not have got this far right. 🙂

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