Yoga & doTERRA Essential Oils

Yoga & doTERRA Essential Oils
are a Natural & Pure Partnership

A practice originating in India for thousands of years, yoga has become a popular form of exercise and meditation for millions of Americans. Yoga combines postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation for a holistic approach to wellbeing.
If you have yet to try yoga, here are some practical benefits you may experience:


  1. Improves muscle strength and tone. Having strong muscles might seem like something only body builders or exercise junkies care about, but having fit muscles prevents you from injury in the future. It also means you can have the strength to do what you need to in daily life.
  2. It can increase your flexibility. The stretching actions in yoga help to loosen the tightness in your body. Not to mention, having more flexible joints means that you require less energy to move through a greater range of motion. In this way, you increase physical performance. Stretching works towards decreasing resistance in muscle tissue during any activity while also helping increase the flow of blood and nutrients to tissues.
  3. Yoga can reduce stress and help you focus. When you have too much going on in your life, it can be hard to stay balanced. Regularly practice yoga to help your mind focus on the present moment and lower your stress levels.

There are many more benefits aside from these. That being said, there are ways to enhance your practice, even as a beginner. One of the most helpful methods is to use essential oils and their powerful aromas. Yoga and aromatherapy go hand in hand in improving your overall wellbeing. Whatever your purpose in doing yoga, there is no intention you can set that would not be boosted by oils.

You can incorporate essential oils into your routine for their emotional and physical benefits. You can use essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally during yoga. These essential oil blends enhance emotional support and therapy that yoga provides.

There are many other essential oils that can help you aside from the collection. For example, applying doTERRA Balance® can help ground you in the present during your practice, while Wild Orange and Peppermint placed on your temples or diffused into the room can energize and invigorate your senses to help you keep moving. Whatever oils you choose to use, we recommend using no more than three oils during any one practice to prevent sensory overload.

Yoga & Essential Oils

Want to integrate essential oils into your yoga practice?

We would love to support you with selecting the right essential oils for your yoga practice and customers. Select from individual oils, special yoga blends or inquire about custom made blends to support particular poses or sessions.

Here are some great essential oils to get your started with your class. However, some very important notes from some experienced Yoga Instructors around North America: “Never” use more than three oils in your routine, because there is a lot of energy being processed in a yoga session, and you want to prevent overload. Also, make sure that you ask about sensitivity to essential oils before you begin. You will need to pay attention to the general feeling of the class to determine which oils to use.”

Location: Top of head
Benefits: Bliss, transcendence

doTERRA Serenity®
Location: Brow
Benefits: Perception, intuition

Location: Throat
Benefits: Communication, expression

doTERRA Breathe®
Location: Center of heart
Benefits: Acceptance, compassion

Location: Solar Plexus
Benefits: Self-confidence, willpower

Citrus Bliss®
Location: Lower abdomen
Benefits: Creativity, healthy relationships

doTERRA Balance®
Location: Coccyx, legs, feet
Benefits: Stability, ground emotions

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